Friday, December 7, 2012

Wisdom I Could Use....

A failed marriage because I didn't know how to fix anything.  Without my children who I adored.  A drop-out teacher who loved the kids but couldn't survive in the system and couldn't figure out what to do about it.  Destructive relationships because I couldn't look at what was actually in front of me.  Making every mistake I could....

Add a lot of pot to that mix.  Instead of feeling all my pain and discomfort and finding out how to deal with how crazy life can be, I further messed up my own abilities by drowning my perceptions in a smoke haze.

I'm so lucky that I'm still alive.

Two brothers took the time to help me out of that horrible time in my life, when I was going further down and fast.  Then came some amazing wisdom.  Just a book.  But it helped me save my own life.  And that's the truth.

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