Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Why would anyone read a BLOG?

Almost wanted to give up this BLOG idea today.

I found myself wondering why anyone would want to read what I wrote.  But, oh, well, I still need to do the writing.

I learned yesterday that Hemingway did 70% of his writing in a short period of just nine years.  Amazing.  And everything he wrote was from what was happening around him. So unfortunate that he was put in the hands of those who destroy in the name of help.

Okay.  It has been a bit of a tough morning.  Our pooch is 13 years old and not doing so well.  This part of pet ownership is the hardest.  Got to decide what is the best thing to do....   ;-(

My daughter gave me some words of wisdom that I think I have used on her before and it really helped a lot.  She reminded me that I have to 'use what I know.'

Hmmm, I think I have definitely used that on others.  :-)

So, I believe that we are not our bodies, anymore than we are our cars or our clothes. We are spiritual and eternal beings, just like all great religions thought -- before the ridiculousness and destructiveness of the 'mental health field' began to tell us that we are all animals and that we only live once and blah blah blah blah.

I remember my one psychology class at the University of Illinois.  Made no sense.  I thought it was me. It wasn't.  It made no sense.  And none of the dozens of psychology books and articles that I read during those years gave any answers to anything.  None.

I believe that we can become more aware, more intelligent and more able.  Every single day.  I aspire to that and I want to share my joy and comfort at this stage of my life with anyone who cares to listen.  So, with sincere love and warmth, I wish you an excellent day.



  1. An excellent day to you also.

    Kind regards,

  2. Ah, thanks for letting me know I reached you, Mike. :-)
    My very best to you this lovely rainy morning. Diane