Friday, March 29, 2013

Is Anyone There?

Anyone out there?
Anyone listening?

Anything you want to tell me -- or tell someone?
Anything you want to know from me?  Or about me?

I would LOVE to hear from you.
It's so nice to know your communications have reached someone. 

Just say hi?

Someone once told me, 'WRITERS WRITE!"

But writers also want to know that READERS READ!  


From Me to YOU!

More Things My Grandkids Don't Know About Me


Hi, Everyone.
Me, again.  :-)

I feel wise.
And blessed.
Far from perfect, just a work in progress.  :-)

Hopefully, I will always be improving in my quest to learn from -- and survive -- in this peculiar universe.

Things My Grandkids Don't Know About Me

For many, many years I had an inability to confront life situations and that is why, unfortunately, I wasted a lot of good time 'being bulimic' and then smoking dope.

Before that, I was the model 'girl next door,' Girl Scout and then Prom Queen twice.  I earned a four year State Scholarship by exam and then went to college at the University of Illinois and I got my degree at Northwestern.  But in spite of 'making the Dean's List,' I learned virtually nothing; my fault.

Then some years later, I got on a motorcycle with an idiot and became a hippie.  Those were the most miserable months of my life.

Spending almost 3 years without my kids was my worst mistake.
Not learning how to spot low-toned and destructive people earlier was not smart.

Thinking that everyone else had the answers and knew what they were doing was especially stupid.  My own integrity and awareness should have been what guided me through all those years of doubt and mistakes.

But, thanks to the efforts of an amazing man, with clarity and vision and persistence, I began to unravel the questions I had had for a very long time.  Then I began to find my own answers and to see that I although I had made many mistakes, I wasn't wrong about many things.

We don't have to have wars and disease and insanity.  We don't need to hurt one another and make life harder than it already is.  We can be happy.  I know.  I am.

I have seven grandchildren and they are each amazing to me.  I was there for each birth and I want to last a long time to see what they do and if there is any way that I can help.

Ask me anything.  :-)

To Be Continued.....

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