Thursday, February 7, 2013

Have You Ever Felt Invisible?

American Indians and other cultures value their elders and look upon them as wiser because of their years and experiences.

Not in this country.

As I get "older" but feel younger and wiser, I seem to grow more and more invisible to some others.

Check it out.  See if you pass by any "older" people today.  See if you pay much attention to them or if you barely notice them.

Are they becoming invisible?

I sure wish I had my Grandmother Sarah around right now.  She fled Russia in the early 20's, crossed the border into Poland in a wagon keeping three small children quiet, lived in a strange country for a year before they were allowed into the U.S. and then they weren't very well received.

This woman spoke five or six languages and was an expert seamstress and cook/baker. She raised chickens at her home in Wisconsin and grew the most amazing fruits and vegetables there.  She canned and preserved and stayed active in various groups well into her late 70's.  She taught me many things but she could have taught me so much more.

But she became more and more invisible.  Less and less respected and admired.

Sarah Silver, I hope you can hear me now.  You were positively amazing and I still love you with all my heart.

Your aging granddaughter.  :-)


  1. Interesting Diane, my grandmother fled Russia also!

    I know it seems the elder are becoming invisible, but I think you and I can change that!

  2. Hi Diane,
    I also reflect frequently on how invisible young people feel. Full of opinions, and honest caring about the world and people in it, young people feel isolated by the "minor" status given to them. Education policies and course requirements are laid down for them without any of their input whatsoever.

    There are also ways that I've felt invisible here in my middle the DMV counter, checking out in the grocery store, when navigating the automated "customer service" menu from my local utility provider...

    Our culture is individualistic, and consumeristic. Generally speaking, we spend so much time pursuing our own material needs, and individual interests, that we don't have, or have a hard time making, the time to connect with other people in a real and meaningful way.

    There is an interwoven element here...if we care about the thoughts and feelings of young people, by the time they are older, they'll have learned to care about those of their elders.

    I find your blog commendable in this regard--your using it to reach out to others, and make real connections. And, it appears it is working!


  3. Hello Diane:

    Though I am nearing 60, I do not. I do not take my worth from modern culture. i still hold the core values I gfgrew uop with.

    This worship of youth has been our undoing in the West and is why nothing works well anymore. The Elders have wisdom and experience and without them to advise & consul, we indeed will have a more dangerous road ahead for Mankind.

    Take care aand age beautifully,